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January 20, 2018

Facilitated Teambuilding


Facilitating team experiences and helping groups understand their dynamics are core skills that all cityWILD guides, staff, and even many students are trained in. The experiential process is a critical component of who we are. Allow cityWILD to take your team, corporate group, or class through a series of fun, challenging, and ultimately educational activities. Your group will never interact the same way again.

You can come to our space, we can come to you, or we can meet at another location of your choosing. We offer 3 teambuilding programs which will be adapted to fit your group perfectly. Custom programs can also be created to meet your group’s goals.

Getting to Know You: Have a newly formed group or even just a new hire and want them to start off on the right foot? cityWILD can host a day that helps people learn what makes their team tick, what ticks them off, and how each team member’s skills make the team run smoothly.  

Getting to the Root:

Getting Results:

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