| cityWILD Adventures

December 18, 2017

About cityWILD Adventures

Many years ago, cityWILD founders realized they would need a number of licenses and permits to provide full opportunities for students in the outdoors and experience wonderful personal development opportunities in these spaces.

In 2001, cityWILD purchased a commercial rafting permit for the Arkansas River.  This permit allowed cityWILD to take its students on the Arkansas River on its own terms.  Having the permit, cityWILD also saw an opportunity to take other organizations rafting at highly reduced rates while earning money to put back into the program and also furthering its mission.

In 2006, cityWILD began a merger process with River Reach Youth Initiative and began rafting operations on the S. Platte River in Denver.  Through this merger, cityWILD began its Junior Guides program where it hires local high school students and trains them to become assistant raft guides on the S. Platte and Arkansas Rivers.  Again, the Junior Guides program and rafting on the S. Platte furthered cityWILD’s mission.

In 2008, cityWILD also began piloting contract courses.  These courses range from 2-hour ‘low-ropes’ style workshops to 6-8 day rock climbing/youth development courses.  In the summer of 2010, cityWILD started introducing its high school students into facilitation roles in these programs.