| cityWILD Adventures

January 20, 2018

Indoor Rock Climbing

Taking your group climbing is an amazing opportunity for adventure and learning. Participants will have unique bonding experience while learning to trust each other and pushing themselves.

Climbing in one of Denver’s premier indoor climbing gyms allows for a scaffolded learning experience. Participants that have less experience in the outdoors can just focus on climbing skills without needing to worry about the environment around them. The gym also allows for year round climbing programming, regardless of weather.

The cityWILD experience:

What makes climbing with cityWILD a unique and powerful experience is that our AMGA certified guides are also incredibly skilled facilitators and know how to draw the learning and life connection out of participants’ experience.

Our guides will always be sure to tailor the experience to make sure each participant strikes a balance between challenge and success. Participants will be encouraged to take control of the experience right from the start by learning how to operate safety systems independantly. This alters power dynamics and puts the experience in the hands of the participants. 

If you don’t see a price that works for your group budget, please give us a call!

Please familiarize yourself with our terms an conditions prior to booking your trip.