| cityWILD Adventures

December 18, 2017

Our Gear, Your Safety

The following equipment accompanies every cityWILD trip on the respective river.  cityWILD takes its gear and your safety extremely seriously.  We make sure our equipment is in the best operational health possible.  Old/used equipment is replaced on a regular basis.

Rafts/Duckies – cityWILD uses different rafts on both rivers.  All boats are self-bailing (but not self guiding!).

S. Platte – cityWILD rafts in 14′ Hyside rafts on the S. Platte.   Because of their width, they are very stable and put even the most nervous rafter at ease on the mellow S. Platte.  Occasionally, the small 13′ Aire “Yellow Banana” for larger groups will make an appearance.

Arkansas – On the Arkansas River, cityWILD rafts in 13.5′ NRS Otters.  Otters can hold 8 persons w/o gear, 7 when loaded for a trip.  These nimble boats are perfect for the Arkansas because of their light but sturdy build, enabling them to turn on a dime, but remain stable through the largest of rapids on Browns Canyon.  Arkansas river boats all have ‘chicken lines.’  These are safety lines around the top of the boat.  If a person falls out, they can grab the rope so someone can help pull them in.  In lower water, the ‘Yellow Banana’ will make the trip up to the Arkansas.

Duckies (inflatable kayaks) – cityWILD has a fleet of NRS duckies; 8 single and 4 doubles.  These are sit-in boats that can be used on calmer section of the Arkansas or on the S. Platte.  They require a kayaking paddle and different state guidelines for their use as they cannot hold the same equipment as a raft.

Helmets – State law requires clients to use helmets when in a ducky (inflatable kayak), hard shell kayak, or Class IV or higher rapid.  cityWILD requires helmets for ALL clients on Browns Canyon of the Arkansas even though the section is Class III.  cityWILD provides helmets for all trips.  Protect your head!

PFD’s (Personal Floatation Device) – Also referred to as a ‘life jacket’, cityWILD uses Type V PFD’s on both rivers, as required by state law.  All adult guides use a different color, Type III/V PFD.

Throw Bags – Throw bags are a safety device that can be used to help pull a passenger back to the boat after they have fallen out and if they are too far away to reach by hand or paddle.  cityWILD uses 70′ throw bags.  One bag per raft.

Paddles – On the Arkansas, cityWILD uses high strength commercial paddles to handle the rigors of the Arkansas.   On the S. Platte, cityWILD uses lighter canoe style paddles.  One spare paddle accompanies each boat per state law.  For duckies, cityWILD uses commercial strength ducky paddles and carries spare breakdown paddles.

Wet Suits – cityWILD supplies neoprene wet suits on the Arkansas if requested.  These sleeveless suits help keep your core temperature regulated while rafting in cold water.  cityWILD may require clients to wear a suit based on weather conditions and client age.

Splash Jackets – Splash jackets are not water proof.  They are used to help keep your core temperature regulated while rafting in cold water.  cityWILD may require clients to wear a jacket based on weather conditions and client age.  Splash jackets are available on both rivers but must be requested prior to your trip for the S. Platte.

Booties – Footwear that attaches to your foot (no flip-flops!) are required for all rafter.  Neoprene booties are supplies for Arkansas rafters if requested.  Footwear is not supplied on the S. Platte.

Sweep kit – A ‘sweep kit’ accompanies all cityWILD trips on both rivers.  The kit encompasses a variety of equipment; fully stocked first-aid kit, raft repair kit, spare pump, spare PFD, z-drag kit (if a boat gets ‘wrapped’), spare throw bag, and human waste bags.  The entire kit is kept together in a water proof bag and fastened into the boat.