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January 20, 2018

South Platte River Rafting in Denver

A World Away in Your Own Backyard!

Enjoy a fun and exciting trip through beautiful and historic parts of Denver that you cannot experience any other way! View native wildlife and plants, paddle through some exhilarating rapids, all while supporting cityWILD’s programming with urban youth in Northeast Denver. Denver!

Why raft with cityWILD Adventures?

cityWILD Adventures is actually a program of a non-profit called cityWILD. The mission of cityWILD is to bring the typically exclusive world of outdoor experiential education to a broad, inclusive audience. Our comprehensive, tuition-free programs promote themes of personal empowerment, leadership, and community participation while motivating participants to reach their full potential at school, at home, and in their communities. 

By rafting with cityWILD, you are directly supporting the tuition free programming that the organization provides to youth in Denver. 

The cityWILD Experience

Beyond just supporting cityWILD, you are also getting an experience that is unique for any commercial guiding company. cityWILD Adventure’s goal is to expand cityWILD’s mission by creating more accessible guided experiences to the broader public. This doesn’t just mean we offer lower prices, it also means that all of our guides are trained to use language and guiding techniques that are inclusive of all cultures, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and race. Our ego-free guides focus on enhancing your experience by using therapeutic techniques and facilitation practices.


Downtown Denver Rafting: 1.5-2 hours • Class II • Beginner • 6-7 people per boat


Public: $140/Boat 



Non-profit: $120/Boat



South Denver Nature Tour Rafting: 3-4 hours • Class I • Beginner • 6-7 people per boat


Public: $190/Boat 



Non-profit: $160/Boat



If you don’t see a price that works for your group budget, please give us a call!


Cost of your rafting adventure includes all necessary gear.


cityWILD does not provide transportation for Platte River trips except for the paid options below.

  • No need to run a shuttle!  Leave your vehicle(s) at the take-out and get a ride with us.  Max of 12 people: $50
  • In town on vacation and don’t have a car?  Get picked up/dropped off in Downtown Denver for on only $100.  Max of 12 people.

Please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions before booking your trip.


Please use our online booking system to book your trip. If you are paying by check please call us at 303-477-7238 or email  

Water Levels

On the S. Platte River, water flow is controlled by release from Chatfield Reservoir and dictated by the State of Colorado. Water must be flowing at certain levels in your trip section for cityWILD to run.  Therefore, it is possible your trip will be moved or canceled due to low or high water.  cityWILD is updated daily on changes. We will keep you informed if there is a change  that affects your trip.

If you want to know the water level on the S. Platte, you can check this website; USGS .  The fourth section down “Upper South Platte River’ is where to look.  cityWILD watches the ‘SOUTH PLATTE RIVER BELOW UNION AVE’ gage and the ‘SOUTH PLATTE RIVER AT ENGLEWOOD’.  The Union gage must be close to or at 200CFS for the Platte Park Section.  The Englewood gauge must be close to or at 50CFS to raft the Sun Valley to Globeville Section.  The Platte Park section is not listed on the internet, but if the Union gage is at 300CFS or more, one can presume Platte Park is runnable.  cityWILD may not raft the S. Platte if water is too high.